A critical piece of making this project successful is to help every woman in America understand the critical role they play in changing lives around the world.  

Women are responsible for over 70% of spending nationally.

With over $700 billion spent every year on things like bottled water, eating out, pet food, vacations, and more, can you imagine the impact we could make as we become more purposeful in how we spend our money and where?  How many children can be saved from a life of slavery or human trafficking simply because we choose to shop purposefully?  How many mothers will be able to keep their children because they now can afford to?

We can use our purchasing power to change peoples lives, one product at a time.

By shopping on our website, hosting a trunk show, setting up a table at a church event, or sharing our project with others, you too, can become a voice for the voiceless: impacting the lives of others all over the world.  Contact us TODAY for more information.