Fly To Freedom Earrings


Fly To Freedom Earrings


Bronze colored pendant, 1.25" L, crystal beads, bronze colored hooks

Did you know that only 1-2% of trafficking victims are ever rescued?*

While receiving trauma counseling in Eden’s program, one young trafficking survivor began to realize just how many other young women were still trapped in the horror she has been so fortunate to escape from. She knew she had to do something.

She wrote a song of advocacy and bravely went back into the red-light areas with our weekly outreach team to encourage enslaved women with her own story of hope.

She shared her story of escape, her love of new found freedom and her joy in dreaming again. She empowered women to change their story and claim hope for a new beginning.

She designed this collection to include a bird pendant as a symbol of freedom—flying out of danger and into the safety of a new beginning. Her dream is that whenever you wear her collection, you are reminded to pray and speak up for freedom from exploitation.

stone color:
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